Kayode Omosa

Kayode Omosa, also known as 'kayboard', is a renowned scholar and practitioner of music whose works have continued to seek balance between academics and music practice. His earliest works such as ‘sense Owo’ and ‘prince of peace’ are a fusion of Nigerian art and popular music style which he tags ‘Art-pop Music’. He has also created several other styles such as ‘Afrabian Praise’, ‘African Shout Music’, ‘Three-tonic Music’, ‘Yoruba-English songs’ and so on.

Kayode Omosa studied performing arts in University of Ilorin Nigeria; Music in Middlesex University London and Worship at Worship Academy Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

IYE by Kayode Omosa

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IYE is from KoinMus album titled 'We Hail You'.

The IYE video is a symbolic story and personal experience of the artiste over the last 20 years, how God brought him back to consciousness after passing out for couple of days to show forth His praise on planet earth. He has since grown from being a choirboy to musician, artiste, song writer, director, producer, trainer and a scholar of music with BA and MA degrees in Music.

All to the Glory and pleasure of the King who sustains him!

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Kayode's Projects

Dunack Music Production

Dunack Music provides music production, training, consultancy, music modelling, artiste management, live concert, entertainment and procurement

Dunack Music Production

Worship Outreach Institute

Worship Outreach Institute is an initiative that provides a practical approach to worship as established in the field of Theo-musicology

Worship Outreach Institute

KoinMus Movement

Koinonia Musica provides a platform where future music ministers and leaders are raised in the fear of God and nurtured to develp a Godly character

KoinMus Movement

Performing Arts

Rigorous and intensive coaching and eaching sessions on drama, voice, dance and therapy

Performing Arts & Therapy

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